What is PokeGo++ 2.0?
It is a tweak for the Pokemon Go app that is overlaid / attached to the app. Therefore, as long as the underlying Pokemon Go app is updated, the tweak is generally not affected by server-side changes. The tweak allows players to walk their character in-game with a joystick. Additionally, it also includes a IV checker, as well as other features. The tweak is based on the original Pokemon Go Anywhere / Pogo++ tweak. Remember, folks: This is a third party tweak. You use it at your own risk - so please don't ask if it is safe because we cannot guarantee it is 100% safe - and besides, what exactly is safe? All we can tell you is that we have users who have been using this or its predecessor for a long time with no issues, but keep in mind that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Choose your own risk level - if you want it to be completely safe, maybe you should play legitimately instead. Similarly, asking if the new update is safe or not makes no sense. Please also note that the tweak is provided as-is. We cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly, and though we will do our best to help, there may be circumstances where we are unable to.
Download both Cydia Impactor ( and the latest tweaked IPA (see the link in #announcements). If you have the original Pokemon Go app on your iOS device, remove it from your device. if you are jailbroken, ensure that LocationFaker9 is deleted and not installed. Connect your iOS device to your computer. Your computer must have iTunes installed. If your computer is not trusted by your device, you should get a prompt to do so - select Trust. Open the Cydia Impactor program, and ensure that the correct iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu. Click and drag the tweaked IPA you downloaded onto Cydia Impactor. It should prompt you for your Apple ID and password, and ask for permission to start signing the IPA. Once the tweaked IPA is signed, you should see it on your device, but it should not work immediately. On your iOS device, open settings, and navigate to General > Device Management / Profiles / Profiles & Device Management. You should see the Apple ID you used to sign the IPA. Click on it and select the option to trust the ID. You should now be able to used the tweaked IPA. Please note that you will need to repeat steps 3 to 5 every seven days. .
Install Pokemon Go from the Apple Store, but do not open it. Open Cydia and add the source: You may also want to remove the unlim repo for Poke Go++. Install Poke Go ++ 2.0 for Pokemon Go. Dependencies should be automatically installed. Respring your phone. Run iCleaner to clear your cache and respring again. Enjoy! Please note that there are known issues with iOS 9.0 JB and iOS 8 JB. It appears that the app either does not start up, or the tweak functions may not appear. Installing PoXemon by W00dL3cs ( should solve it - we are told that you may get a Crashed! popup, but click cancel and the tweak should still run. We also have reports that if it hangs on a blue screen at startup, it might help to toggle airplane mode off when the 'no internet connection' banner appears until you manage to log-in when the game attempts to log in. If the buttons do not appear, try opening the app, going back to the home menu, and then going back to the game. We have reports that this helps. Unfortunately, we do not have an idea of whether it will work with iOS 10 JB due to how new the iOS 10 JB is. We have some reports of it working, but cannot commit to a position as to whether it works or not for iOS 10 JB at the moment.
From top to bottom, on the left: Pokeball: Toggles the menu buttons listed below. Gear: Opens the settings menu. Map: Opens the internal map - which you can use to walk to certain nearby locations. IV: IV checker for your Pokemon. Flag: Toggles patrol mode - your character will walk around and gain distance walked for egg hatching. Set your walk speed (below) to 1x or 2x for best results. 1x/2x/4x/8x/Egg: Character walk speed. The egg icon is a best guess at the optimised walking speed for egg hatching between 1x and 2x using the patrol function. It should get the most distance in the same amount of time compared to 1x and 2x. Man: This enables the character to walk to where you tap on the screen, so you can move without using the joystick. The compass at the top right corner should be set to north (at the 12 o'clock position) for best results. This option must also be disabled when entering gyms as it interferes with the gym mechanics. Scope: This opens the sniping function - see the other associated FAQs for more information. Home: Click this for your character to walk to your current physical / device location. H: This hides the menu and joystick. Triple tap to un-hide. Additionally, while walking around, your character may come across Pokemon that will appear on buttons at the right side of the screen. Click on the Pokemon buttons for your character to walk directly to that Pokemon.
Show joystick: Self explanatory. Note that the compass at the top right corner has to be set to north (at the 12 o'clock position) for the joystick movements to match those on the screen. Dismiss map on “Walk here": If this is set to on, Poke Go++ 2.0 will close the map after walk here is used in the map screen. Enable teleport: This enables the teleport function in the in-game map. Dismiss map on “Teleport here": If this is set to on, Poke Go++ 2.0 will close the map after teleport here is used in the map screen. Fake location: Set to on to allow the movement of your character with the joystick, tap to walk (the man button), or the map walk here function. You can turn this off so that the app functions like the legitimate app and follows your device location. Time to save location: This sets how long the app saves your location after the app is closed. Set it to at least 5 minutes (recommended: forever) to prevent jumping back home after the app crashes. Show Coords Button on Map: This enables a button in the in-game map that allows you to get the coordinates of where the map pointer is.
Locate (bottom left): Focuses the map on your character's current location. Nearby Pokemon scanner list (bottom right): Brings up a list of nearby Pokemon that you can choose to move to. You can filter this in the top right of the list screen. Walk here / Teleport here: self-explanatory. Teleport here only appears if the setting is toggled in the settings menu. Favourite locations (black globe, top right): List of certain cities. You can save your current map locations to favourites here with the plus sign at the top right. This also brings up an import list where you can type in coordinates of your favourite locations. This should help users that want to import a list that they keep elsewhere. Teleport to coordinates (below favourite locations): Teleport setting required. This allows you to teleport to a particular set of coordinates rather than having to scroll the map with the Teleport here button. Coordinates of location on map (below teleport to coordinates): This button brings up the coordinates of the map pointer. These coordinates can then be copied and used elsewhere. Radar settings (gear, top right): These are settings for the map, but the map is unfortunately down at the moment due to server cost issues. However, the following features do or should work: Favourite Pokemon: Allows you to set favourite Pokemon to display on the right hand side when they appear near you. Common Pokemon: Allows you to set common Pokemon to hide on the right hand side when they appear near you. Notifications: Allows you to enable notifications. However, this can be buggy. We suggest not enabling any of these at the moment. Restore Purchases: Ignore this, please. Pokestops: Shows Pokestops on the map. Gyms: Shows gyms on the map. Hide Common: Hide the common Pokemon you selected in the Common Pokemon settings. Show Only Favourite: Set to show only the favourite Pokemons you selected in the common Pokemon settings. Show Distance, Show Time, Show Timer instead of Time: These affect the Pokemons displayed on the in-game map.
This is a feature to allow for the automatic feed of coordinates into Poke Go++ 2.0. This feature is currently in beta, and requires either a public source coordinates server URL/API. The idea is that people could possibly build their own automated list of Pokemon coordinates into the format documented, and Poke Go++ 2.0 would then be able to automatically pull the coordinates into the tweak. This would make for easier sniping. When a working coordinates feed is attached to Poke Go++ 2.0, a Coords List button is added to the sniping feature, which will display a list of Pokemon and their associated information (coordinates, et cetera)./n The list should be in this format, with the first three fields being required fields: Field1: Latitude Field2: Longitude Field3: Pokemon name (capitalised first character) or a Number (no leading zeros). Field4-...: Optional fields that will be displayed on the second line. IV, MS, et cetera can be included here. For example: 12.345678,-122.1234325,Charizard 13.456789,-121.1234566,Dragonite And, when it's working, the coords list should look like this: Currently, we know of the following feeds: ‣ (above 90iv) ‣ (above 50iv) ‣ (down for optimisation) ‣ Once a coord list has been loaded, you should see another option appear when you click on the snipe button. Click that and you should see a list of Pokemon corresponding to the list. Click on the crosshairs to snipe any particular Pokemon of your choice on the list, and the sniping procedure should follow. Note that there may or may not be issues with the coordinate feeds above,. The feeds are not necessarily meant to provide a full range of Pokemon. The source / provider of the list is responsible for keeping it updated, so if it's empty it may be down. We hope providers of coordinates will consider building additional feeds for this function, such as feeds which are for 100IV Pokemon only. Anyone can build their own list. If you do create one and are willing to share, let us know and we will include it here. Note: You can also create a coords list consisting of favourite teleport locations and use that to keep track of your favourite locations.
Sniping is not the same as teleporting for Poke Go++ 2.0. Sniping denotes catching a specific Pokemon somewhere in the world. Here are the steps for sniping! Turn on fake location and set save location to forever. Select a home location for your character, and teleport there with the in-game teleport if your character is not already at that location. Check if you are softbanned, and if you are, break the soft ban. Spin some stops or catch a Pokemon to establish this location as your working home location for the game. Make sure you disable patrolling. The snipe function will remind you as well. Find coordinates for a Pokemon you want to snipe. Enter the coordinates into the in-game snipe function, and click continue. Wait for the Pokemon to spawn - this may take up to 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the Pokemon may despawn before it even appears. Do not spin any stops or engage gyms, as this would signal to the server that you are active at the snipe location. Poke Go ++ 2.0 will even automatically walk your character around this location, as this has been observed to speed up the spawning process. When the Pokemon spawns, click on it to enter the capture screen. Before you throw a ball or berry, return to your home location with the return home button (bottom of screen only during sniping), then throw a ball / berry to catch the Pokemon. Warning: If you throw a ball / berry without returning home, the Pokemon will likely flee due to a soft-ban being triggered. Spin a stop at your home location. If it tells you to try again later, you are fine, this will pass within a minute. If it just spins and there is no message, a soft ban has been triggered. Take steps to break the soft ban. Repeat steps 4 to 9 for more sniping action. Notes for the suggested sniping method. Always try to ensure that you are not softbanned before you throw a ball - do this by catching a Pokemon or spinning a stop at your home location. If you are soft-banned, either throw away 40 balls to the ground when catching a Pokemon, or spin a stop 40 times (open-spin-close). If the stop says "Try again later" - this does not count as a spin. Walk around a bit with the joystick and then spin again. Other sniping methods may work - this is just one method that Poke Go++ 2.0 is set up for. In this method, your actions are effectively all at a single location: you have a base location, jump to the Pokemon location., encounter the Pokemon (catch screen), jump back to the base location, then attempt to catch the Pokemon. Your catching actions hence seem to appear to the server as being all at the base location. For some reason entering the Pokemon capture screen does not seem to count as an action that establishes your avatar's location. NOTE: Is sniping safe? No one knows for sure. Do it at your own risk. Don't ask questions that cannot be reasonably answered. If you want it to be totally safe, please consider playing legitimately instead.
For Poke Go++ 2.0, teleporting is not the same as sniping. The sniping function is based on the method above, which is dependent on you having a base location to snipe from, so all your actions are effectively in the same place. Teleporting, on the other hand, could be described as simply moving to and staying at a new location. So if the latter is what you want, use the teleport function in the map (either the teleport here or the teleport with coordinates) and follow the steps outlined below. You can also use these teleport functions on the log-in screen when you are logged out, if you would like to log-in directly at a new location. For the teleport here with map pointer: In settings, turn on fake location on, save location to forever, and enable teleport. Open the in-game map and find a location you want to teleport to. Select teleport here. You will be at your new location - if you want to be safe you can wait out for a time period equivalent to the flight time from your old location to your new location. A restart of the app is suggested, but may not be necessary. For the teleport with coordinates: Open the in-game map and click the teleport with coordinates button. Enter in your desired coordinates, and click teleport. Please note that this is not sniping, but just teleporting. You will likely face an extended soft-ban (after the teleport) before you can do anything in-game unless you break the soft-ban manually as suggested in the sniping method FAQ (40 balls or 40 stops), or wait out the soft-ban, which can take a couple of hours. NOTE: As should be clear, you teleport at your own risk. Asking if it is safe to do so is asking an impossible question. If you want it to be totally safe, please consider playing legitimately instead.