- Updated to support official app 1.101.1/0.133.1

- Added support for iOS 12.1.3+

- Added new shiny assets

- Added Count to IV List

- Improved IV List Search

- Ditto Feed is now active

- Fixed Ocean bug

- Fixed Cooldown timer

- Minor text fixes

Global++ Knowledgebase


- Fixed issues with 12.1.x

- Bug Fixes


- Updated to support official app 1.101.0/0.133.0

- Added Tier 2 donor features:

- Extra coordinate lists: 8 slots

- Exclusive Quest Feed and Generator

- Exclusive Pokemon Feed and Generator

- Exclusive Nest Feed and Generator

- Exclusive Raids Feed and Generator

- Exclusive Coords Bots to integrate with Discord and Notifications

- Exclusive Favorites Feed

- Exclusive 100 Feed

- Activation for a second device simultaneously


- Updated to support official app 1.99.4/0.131.4

- iPad/iPod Fixes


- Updated to support official app 1.99.3/0.131.3

- Added new "Mythical" filter to IV List

- Updated Pokemon Feed Generator with many new options

- Updated Gym List to show Gym name and coordinates: Open IV List click "Gym" icon.

- Updated Base Stats/Level calculations for various pokemon

- Updated Assets and Filters to include new possible shiny pokemon

- Fixed iPad bug causing the feed generators to crash

- Improved Radar 2.0 Data fetch

- [Mapping Only] - Fixed Block Encounter

- [Mapping Only] - Added backend infrastructure to support new future features


- Updated to support official app 1.99.2/0.131.2

R100 Changes/Note


- Updated to support official app 1.99.1/0.131.1

- Cosmetic fixes for iPX devices

- New "Babies" filter in IV list

- Nearby icons now show Alolan Pokemon

- More asssets added

- Backend Frameword for upcoming features/R100


- Updated to support official app 1.97.2/0.129.2

- IV List filter fixes

- Added additional shiny icons

- Fixed Missing Encounters IV Messages


- Special RDM feature added - See their discord :)


- Updated to support official app 1.97.1/0.129.1

- Added New "Draw GPX Route"

- Access new feature from the GPX Menu. Allows you to draw, save and export your own custom GPX routes from in-game map.

- Added Possible Shiny Assets

- Performance Improvements

- Fixed new Minor Text Fixes


- Updated to support official app 1.95.2/0.127.2

- Added new assets

- NEW POSSHUNDO Feed - More info in our knowledgebase

- Added support for Meltan and Melmetal


- Updated to support official app 1.95.2/0.127.2

- Updated all Base Stats

- Updated all Level Calculations

- Added Enhanced Throw to Lured Pokemon and Raid Bosses

- Fixed Alolan incorrect level calculation

- Added Traded, Lucky, and 0IV Filter Option to IV List

- Updated Pokemon List Export with more fields.

- Gotcha/Go++ Improvements. Enjoy :)

- All help documentation and videos updated! Special Thanks to Thundur.


- Added FortDetailsResponse Proto

- Added GetGymInfoResponse Proto

Special Note: We are close to Release #100, it has been an incredible 2+ years! We have something special planned so stay tuned! and of course....Thank you for all the support over the years!


- Updated to support Official app 1.95.1/0.127.1

- Enhanced Throw is now a free feature for all!

- Added Help Links

- Added Links to our Social Media

- Added more assets

- Gotcha improvements

- Mapping changes which allow donor to contribute to maps by enabling Worker Mode.

- Other misc. fixes/changes.


- New Shiny Assets

- More Feed Tuning - It is on FIRE!!!

- Added "Shundo" filter to IV List.

- Added "Alolan" filter to IV List.

- Added Lucky icon to Pokemon in IV List.

- IVs for Lured Pokemon now work. (IPA/Non-JB only, they always worked on JB)

- Lured IV Protos included for Mappers.

- Updated Mapper Authenication service to retry multiple times and wait for live connection.


- IV List is FREE!

- Updated all Icons/Assets

- Updated Encounter IV Message


- Updated to official app 1.93.1/125.1

- All currently released shinies now in IV list.

- Upcoming shinies also added to assets for IV list.


- Mapper functionality improvements

- Added more shiny assets for IV list

- IV is now donor only


- Updated Gen4 base Stats

- Added Lat and Long to Mapping POST

- Added Quests to Mapping POST


- Updated to Official version 1.91.2/0.123.2


- Added Gen4 support including images

- Added Gen4 filter to IV (JB Only)

- Added Deoxys to Legendary Filer (JB Only)

- Fixed bug on map when Fake Location is off

- Patreon Activation Fixes

- Updated to Official version 1.91.1/0.123.1


- Patreon Fixes


- Updated to official app 1.89.3

- Mapping Fixes

- Minor text fixes


- Updated to official app 1.89.2